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Our vision is to provide an inspiring, community-driven curriculum and learning environment that enables our children to access a diverse range of learning experiences; igniting their love for learning and opening doors to their future.  We value positive relationships, open communication and collaboration; a community where all stakeholders are invested in the development of our school.

Underpinning our Vision are the values that we promote and uphold throughout the school.  These shared values apply to all who are part of our school community.

Community; building strong relationships in a place where everyone has a voice.  Working together, developing skills for the future.

Courage; the strength and resilience to overcome challenges, take risks and grow strong.  Knowing that some goals take time to achieve.

Respect; for self, each other and our school and this is reflected in our thoughts, words and actions.  Being citizens of the world.

We aim to:

  • Be an inclusive community where everyone feels happy, valued, safe and secure.
  • Offer a diverse range of learning opportunities to broaden horizons and widen experiences.
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with our families and wider community.
  • Create an environment which supports and celebrates learning.
  • Inspire a love for learning; nurturing independent thinking.
  • Raise children’s aspirations in preparation for their future.
  • Develop reflective, responsible children who have the confidence to create their own path.

At Weston Rhyn Primary School we aim for our children to access a broad range of learning experiences with a balance of knowledge and skills development so that they can become well-rounded learners.

Our curriculum is bespoke to our school and our community.  Whilst ensuring National Curriculum coverage, we celebrate our local area and highlight community-specific learning.

Our curriculum is designed across 3 cycles to ensure progression from Nursery to Year 6 within our mixed age classes. 

In the 2023/24 academic year, children will follow Cycle C.

Reading is central to our curriculum: our children are encouraged, taught and enthused through a range of exciting and inspiring texts.  All class novels are directly linked to the topics studied and provide pupils with challenging reading material for the pupils to unpick during their Reading lessons.