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Our Behaviour Principles

Our Building Positive Relationships Policy is built upon restorative practice.  We believe that good relationships promote good behaviour.   Our policy is underpinned by our school values; Community, Courage, Respect.

What does it look like?

We have high expectations and work towards ensuring our children feel motivated to learn and engage positively in school.  We set clear boundaries and expectations for our children to feel safe in our school.  We talk calmly and with respect.  We welcome and engage positively with our community.

We positively notice expected behaviour; clearly highlighting the underpinning value.  We celebrate through praise, postcards and class dojo; referencing our values.

Teachers Meet and Greet children and parents/carers every day.  Visual timetables are used in all classrooms.  Positive praise is shared with children regularly.  Behaviour is managed consistently for all children.        

Supporting adult uses PACE (Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy) strategies to re-engage and re-focus dysregulated children.  Positive distraction to alleviate stress of the child. 

We know it is important to rebuild relationships.  Initial adult engages in restorative conversation.  Consequences are discussed once a child is regulated.  Every day begins with a fresh start.

Please see our Behaviour Policy, Building Positive Relationships and Statement of Behaviour Principles below.