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At Weston Rhyn Primary School we aim to give our children the knowledge, skills and techniques to explore a range of different art forms and media including drawing, painting, sculpture, textiles, printing and digital media.

Techniques and styles of art change over time depending on external influences, key historic changes and artists own view of what is important to capture in their own work.  We introduce different traditions and cultures so our children can have a clear understanding of how art has changed and what impact it has had through the legacy of different artists and periods.

The aim is for our children to be able to explore ideas, emotions, images and designs through a creative approach to art.  Such expression is a personal response to a stimulus and as such our children are encouraged to master techniques used by other artists in order to create their own unique and individual work of art.  We are keen to show that every person is an artist and, regardless of their ability to draw, they can achieve incredibly impactful outcomes, which can be shared with an audience.