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Weston Rhyn

Weston Rhyn


‘Disadvantaged pupils make similar progress to that of other pupils.’
Ofsted 2018

At Weston Rhyn, our aim is to treat all pupils equally. We believe that no pupil, regardless of ability or disability, should be treated less favourably than other pupils. To this end our key objective is to reduce and eliminate barriers in accessing the curriculum and to promote full participation in the school community for pupils, prospective pupils and our adult users with a disability.

We have our own Accessibility Policy, which is available from the school office, and have made physical adjustments to the school building to accommodate those who come to our school and have a disability.

We have high expectations for all pupils, including those with a disability, and expect them to participate in all areas of school life. To achieve this we ensure that all staff are aware of the requirements of accessibility for all who can then ensure that the appropriate provision is in place.

At the front of the school we have a sloping ramp to allow easier access for those with a wheelchair and a lift by the main entrance door for those who have difficulty with steps. In the school building we have a stair lift for access into our Key Stage 1 part of the building.
Teacher’s planning also takes into account those pupils who have difficulty in accessing certain areas of the curriculum. At Weston Rhyn we recognise the additional needs of those pupils who have dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADD, ADHD etc. (Refer to the ‘Special Educational Needs’ section on page 16).