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Weston Rhyn

Weston Rhyn

Year Six "SATs" 2020 ("it has been a little bit different"):

Please have a look below for a couple of things to mark what would have been Y6 SATs Week 2020 on 11th May 2020:

May 2020

To all of our amazing Weston Rhyn Year 6s, 
This morning, in any other "SATs Week", we would all have been nervously awaiting our Year Sixes arriving in school ahead of opening the SATs papers (...always a nervous moment). 
We would have welcomed you all into school with yummy treats and drinks to keep energy and concentration levels high.  We would have greeted you all with huge, reassuring smiles. We would have looked at you all with the immense pride we feel for each of you, and we would have offered you lots of positive words to motivate you for the day and week ahead of you.
You may have had butterflies in your stomach and you some of you would probably have been overly loud and a little 'lovably bonkers' like you often can be! There would have been squeals of excitement and hugs to reassure your friends. Most importantly, we would have all been together.
However, tomorrow will be a very different day from the one we had all expected up until a few weeks ago. But the most important thing is that you will be at home safe with your loved ones. Some of you may feel happiness and relief, but some of you may be frustrated, all of that is totally normal. 
The SATs were going to be a chance for you and your teachers/TAs to show how hard you have worked this year and just how amazing you truly are.  
Never forget though, we have never needed tests to show us that and to measure everything you have learnt. Just be yourselves and continue to do your best.  You have all come so far in the time we have known you. You are wonderful human beings who all have bright futures ahead. We cannot be together at the moment, but I promise you that everyone in school is so proud of you all and always will be. Never, ever forget that.
Have a wonderful day/week! Stay safe, stay happy and stay in touch with us on SeeSaw and Dojo. 
Mr Peterson and the whole school team

"SATs Week 2020"

"SATs Week 2020" is not "quite" the same, 
The tests you all worked for, this year never came, 
You learned so much, all those tough grammar rules, 
But life is so different, right now, for our schools.
But...SATs have never measured all that you know, 
All the things you pick up as you learn and you grow, 
Were so proud of you, how you've all done your best, 
Most of your brilliance can't be marked in a test, 
Of all your achievements, we're all very proud, 
The things that make you stand out from the crowd, 
Your kindness and laughter, weird things you all say, 
The thousand successes you have every day,
Though apart for right now, to keep safe, as is best,'ll all get FULL MARKS in this test!