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Weston Rhyn

Weston Rhyn

Health And Safety

It is the school’s duty and overall priority to ensure that all children are taught in a safe environment, without any threat to their health or safety.

At Weston Rhyn we want all our children to feel safe and secure, whether in the classroom or out on a school trip. The safety of every child and adult in our school is therefore of paramount importance to us.

We do ask parents and all visitors to our school not to drive on the school premises unless authorised by the headteacher. We would also remind all visitors to our school that smoking is not allowed anywhere on the premises. Dogs, with the exception of guide dogs, are also not allowed on the premises.

During the normal course of the school day children may handle tools such as scissors, saws and glue guns. Teachers ensure that such tools are used appropriately and sensibly. Safety in PE is also very important and we make sure that all safety precautions are met when delivering our PE curriculum. This also means that earrings have to be removed or covered for the lesson.

Risk assessments are made before taking children out on school trips. It is our responsibility to ensure that all risks are addressed and appropriate measures put in place to minimise those risks