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Weston Rhyn

Weston Rhyn

Family Well-Being

Our school has a fantastic 'Learning Mentor' (Mrs S Marshall) supporting pupils, with other staff supporting in the background too.  This year, we are building on and expanding this with Mrs Marshall also taking on "Early Help" support for our school families (supported by the wider wellbeing team, including advice from colleagues and support and regular supervision sessions with the headteacher and deputy headteacher).  

The "Early Help" support may involve working alongside families and other agencies (health, mental health etc). 

Mrs Marshall will still support pupils in class every morning, but will be working with children and families in her Early Help/Learning Mentor role every afternoon. 

We are really excited about this development and know that Mrs Marshall is too.

Please see below/attached for signposts to other sources of support in the meantime.


Early Help

‘Early Help’ describes the type of early intervention and support that can be provided when a child or young person’s needs are not being met by routine universal services, but do not meet the threshold for a specialist service such as Children’s Social Care. Please see Early Help Information for Parents leaflet for further information.


There’s a directory of 11 pages of local support services across a wide range please visit the website or contact school for further advice for finding the right support service. Visit



Single point of coordination into Shropshire Children’s Services at an Early Help level.  The aim is to make accessing support from children’s services simple, easy and clear. Compass will also provide a single point of contact for professionals to obtain advice and support. COMPASS is an integrated team approach with CAMHS Senior Primary Mental Health Practitioners, Early Help Advisors (Senior Social Workers) and Family Information Service co-located to triage cases on a daily basis to progress support.

You can call COMPASS on 0345 678 9021 or visit


SEND Local Offer

The SEND local offer is a single place for information, services, and resources for children and young people aged 0-25 with special educational needs and / or disabilities, their families, and the practitioners who support them. It's been designed with a family’s needs at the heart of the process. This includes social care either for day sessions or short breaks (All in programme). There’s a directory of 11 pages of local support across a wide range please visit the website or contact school for further advice on finding the right support service.

Visit or


Useful Websites

Below is a list of some useful websites but there are more local support services. Please see Shropshire Council Family Information Directory for further services or contact school to speak to the Family Well-Being Team.


The first one in this list (Parenting Smart) has practical tips on a range of subjects (from child mental health experts) and contains practical ideas to support children's wellbeing and behaviour.  We heartily recommend it: