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Weston Rhyn

Weston Rhyn


As a 'maintained' Local Authority school, we follow the Shropshire agreed policy.  Please find admissions policy for Shropshire maintained schools below. 

If you need help or further information, please feel free to contact us.

Weston Rhyn is a Community Primary School for children between the ages of 4 years and 11 years, with a nursery class for children aged 3 to 4 years. Our admissions authority is Shropshire Council.

Should you wish your child attend our school, you should register them at school as soon as possible. This page will give you more information on how you can do this.

A standard application form and information will be available to parents in early September, whose children are due to commence school in the following academic year. All parents will be advised that it is in their own best interests to confirm in writing, using the LEA application form, what their preference for a school place is, regardless of whether they opt for their nearest school, or one further away. These forms should be returned via an online application or to the parents’ preferred school, which will pass them on to the Education Department to administer the allocations procedure.

The admissions criteria which will be used to determine the allocation of a school place will be as follows, in order of priority:

- Exceptional medical grounds relevant to an admission application.
- Sibling connection with a pupil who will be on the relevant school’s roll in the year in question, living within the school’s normal attendance area.
- Children within area but without a sibling connection.
- Children out of area with a sibling connection.
- Children out of area without a sibling connection.

Where necessary, in order to determine the allocation of places in schools which may be oversubscribed, the distance between the parents’ normal home address and school will be employed to determine the allocation of places up to the admissions numbers, with those parents living nearest the school being offered places first.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a place at a primary school even if your child has attended the nursery located at the school.

Please note that our pre-school contact programme will involve parents with the school prior to children being admitted.