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Weston Rhyn

Weston Rhyn

School Rules/Behaviour

All our rules are based on:

 The safety of everybody in school
 Respect for others and their property
 Good manners
 Taking care of the school buildings.

1. Everybody is to treat everyone with respect and courtesy all of the time.
2. Children must walk inside the building.
3. Children are to be friendly and kind to each other, play non-aggressive games and not play fight.
4. Children should arrive at and leave school in an appropriate and orderly manner.
5. Children should be proud of the school and treat the building and its grounds with care and respect



‘Pupils behaviour is very good and there is a calm working atmosphere in classes. .’ Ofsted 2018

At Weston Rhyn we believe that all of our children are responsible for their behaviour. We therefore encourage all of our children to behave responsibly.
Rather than focusing on punishments and sanctions for misbehaviour all the time, we prefer to be positive about, praise and reward good behaviour.
We have a very positive house point system for which the children actively strive to contribute to and all members of staff are encouraged to award stickers, certificates and rewards for positive and thoughtful behaviour. This includes our Achievement Assembly every Friday in which children are rewarded for a variety of things including caring and respectful behaviour.
Please refer to our Behaviour Policy for more information on the type of rewards and sanctions we give to our children.
There are occasions, however, when we do have to act and respond to unacceptable behaviour. However, it is important for the children to know what they have done wrong, understand that their behaviour has brought about consequences or sanctions, know that such behaviour is to stop and understand how to make positive choices next time.