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Weston Rhyn

Weston Rhyn

HOME LEARNING (general websites, ideas, fun things etc):

The staff, parents and the wider community are all being amazing at coming up with resources, ideas and websites for home learning.

Some of these are useful to ALL ages and as such do not need to be added to the class pages/systems every time.

We are all sending and receiving HUNDREDS of emails and/or FB posts/Dojo messages, when we could be posting them all centrally.  So, from today, we have this page. 

Staff who wish to logon to this page and upload a document with GENERAL ideas/sites will do so when they can, rather than us all sending them out on a 1:1 basis.

STAFF:  Just a plea......try not to delete the web page and/or website! (but if you do, contact me ASAP and I should be able to help).

TECHNICAL HELP:  I am available to support on what to do on here if needed, of course.

D Peterson